subscribe to leftcut

what's with all this subscribe nonsense?

To receive any of the Leftcut channels on your iPod on a weekly basis, you can subscribe using the subscribe links on any of the channels.

one click subscribe

When you click the subscribe button, iTunes will automatically launch on your computer and the selected channel will automatically be subscribed to and downloaded. To take advantage of this quick and easy delivery method and enjoy Leftcut on your iPod you will need to download iTunes.

Don't worry as iTunes is for both Mac and PC and is 100% free and just so happens to be the best mp3 player available on any platform in our opinion.

If you have not already done so, you should download iTunes now.

Leftcut provide a range of streams for each of our channels so that you have a choice of which Podcasting aggregator you with to use. An aggregator is the application, which takes care of the process of periodically checking for updates on a Podcast feed and then automatically downloading any new Podcasts when published. iTunes is an mp3 playing application which also has a built in aggregator with iPod integration so it is the package which we recommend for subscription.

When you subscribe you will have access to previous weeks Podcasts, so this is a little added incentive for subscribing.

Subscribe to anim8 to have this channel delivered to your iPod weekly.

Subscribe to flix to have this channel delivered to your iPod weekly.

Subscribe to musik+ to have this channel delivered to your iPod weekly.

Subscribe to spread to have this channel delivered to your iPod weekly.

technical side of things

If your interested in the technical site of things in regards to Leftcut, we can tell you that Leftcut is powered by RSS technology (really simple syndication), which is the standard delivery protocol for syndicated information on the Internet.

What this means to you is that Leftcut can create a new Podcast and instantly update our RSS feed and your aggregator can immediately download the new Podcast, impressed?

Leftcut will always allow you to watch our channels here on the site unlike other Podcaster's. We want to provide our content in the most accessible means possible. We understand the importance of being able to watch video content from a computer when using your ipod or have even forgot to bring it with you. This means that you could easily enjoy Leftcut while on a lunch break at work or on a day when you forgot your iPod, we all know how horrible that can be so you can rest assured that you will always have access to our channels.