musik+ video cast 01 : may 9th 2006

this week on musik+

To kick things off on musik + we have compiled a list of great music videos old and new which we think you will love and hopefully it will be the 1st time you get to enjoy them and you will remember where you seen them 1st!

Eurostar - Ye Ye

Editing gymnastics in its purest form. A seemingly simple but fully realised video by Gabriel Malaprade. The video clips are amazingly executed repetitively back and forward in time to the track. Each scene in this video links with the next. Oh and did we mention it’s a great track also.. which always helps.


Dj Dangermouse - Encore.

We decided to take a trip back to 2004 with this anonymously directed video due to the recent success of Gnarls Barkley the new guise of Dj Danger mouse and Cee Loo Green. Dj danger mouse of course rose to fame in 2004 with the release of a mash up album with took the acapella Jay Z Black album and ripped samples from the legendary Beatles white album to create some killer beats and form the Grey album. This amusing video was created around that time and is created in a similar mash up fashion.

The Challets - Feel the Machine

Team Daddy the Irish based design company are behind this visually impressive video where band members interact with a computer desktop style environment.


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