anim8 video cast 01 : may 9th 2006

this week on anim8

As this is the first week of anim8, we wanted to start things off with a bang - so we have provided you with an extended length Podcast to start things off. We are really excited about the content of this weeks show and it does a good job of showcasing the animated talent which is out there. Keep your content submissions coming in and you could see your animations featured in the future anim8 podcasts.

The origin of the colour red.

This is an interesting and qwerky piece, which takes a look at how the colour red was invented through some excellent animation and funny dialogue. This short is part of the range of short films available on the Adidas adicolor site. adicolor was introduced by Adidas in 1983 and the concept was that of customising all white sports footwear with weather proof markers.


Le Grand Sommeil

Le Grand Sommeil (which means The Big Sleep in English) is part of the wacky Panic in the Village, as Belgian based animated series. This clip was released as a promo for the DVD which we highly recommend you get your hands on as its like nothing else you have ever seen before, guaranteed. The series follows the crazy adventures of Cowboy, Indian and horse in a tiny paper Mashe village. An animated series, which can be enjoyed by all ages and languages!


Catman Runs

This excellently directed Japanese animated short by Rosuke Aoike is quite rare. It features photographs for backdrops where the animated cat character interacts. The animation is styled like an old grainy movie and features fast passed action and an interesting sound track and bleeped bad language! Leftcut has the pleasure of digging out undiscovered talent from all over the globe and presenting them to you so that you can discover other exciting work by talented filmmakers.


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