about leftcut

find out more on what makes leftcut tick

Leftcut is a cutting edge Video Podcast network which spans 4 channels anim8, flix, musik + and spread. Each channel is strategically placed and provides a variety of quality video content with the ability to subscribe with RSS technology and receive the latest video on your video enabled iPod.

our goal

Leftcut wants to become a leader in the Video Podcast market and shape the future of the medium by breaking the boundaries of what has been available until now, Leftcut wants to go beyond the norm and provide content which is visually engaging and inspiring to our audience.

How do you expect to do this?

With our unique simple and revitalising fresh approach to the Podcasting medium. Leftcut takes pride in being different from the crowd and we plan on taking the podisphere by storm by doing things in our own unique way setting new standards for others to follow. Leftcut is not just about style, its about killer content.

who created leftcut?

Leftcut was designed and built in its entirety by Eamonn Murphy of vectorfunk.com for his final year Major Project for BSc Hons Interactive Multimedia design. Leftcut was launched in May 2006.

why is it called leftcut?

The name Leftcut was created to represent the left field aspect of the leftcut style and image in conjunction with the video content which we provide. There is also the strong link with the film industry represented by the second part of the name "cut".

what's so different about leftcut?

Leftcut provides a unique web based streaming service for each of our channels latest content direct to your computer, which has gone mostly untapped by rivals. We believe in choice and know that you will appreciate the ability to watch Leftcut via your computer and easily get the latest Podcasts delivered free to your iPod via iTunes. Leftcut aims to provide nothing but the best content for the viewers satisfaction. We do not believe in filler content as we know only too well how annoying it is to have downloaded video content to find yourself skipping most of if because its complete rubbish.

content submissions
We are accepting content submissions for each of our channels so if you feel you have some cutting edge video which would be appropriate for one of the channels and it demonstrates innovation, experimentation and/or creativity and that it would appeal to our diverse target market of 18 - 30 year olds interested in cutting edge video, don't hesitate in getting in contact with us and provide a link to your video which you would like to see included on a future Podcast, we only accept work of high standards unlike other content providers so you know that your work will be among some of the best available on the web and in the hands of our viewers.